Comfort Christian Counseling Presents

Our Third Annual


Three days of Healing and Restoration For Wives of Sex Addicts

Wives Retreat

Date: TBD (2018 Retreat is FULL. Check back for dates for next year’s retreat.)

"He makes me lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside the still waters. He restores my soul."

- Psalm 23:2-3

We are thrilled to offer a healing retreat for wives of sex addicts in Katy, TX. 


Spend three days with a handful of other women who are walking your same journey (limit of 7 women).  Have time for fun and relaxation, while finding healing and restoration through guided group discussion, one-on-one coaching, therapeutic guided group discussion, art, time alone with God, and immersion in natural beauty. Leave feeling rejuvenated, closer to God, and with a clearer plan for your future.

“Loneliness. Loneliness creates a deep psychological wound. One that distorts our perceptions and scrambles our thinking. It makes us believe that those around us care much less than they actually do and make us afraid to reach out because, why set yourself up for rejection and heartache when your heart is already aching more than you can stand” - Guy Winch

There is nothing lonelier than feeling misunderstood. Nothing lonelier than having to go through life with a secret for fear of being judged. Nothing lonelier than sharing that secret with someone who doesn’t get it. Nothing lonelier than letting someone in who was supposed to be safe and learning they are not.

This year, we ask that you take a risk with us even though others may have let you down. Be led by specialists who know the loneliness you face first hand. With God as our guide, we want to replace your loneliness with hope!

Wives Retreat

Listen as Ella Hutchinson and Donna Meredith Dixon share their stories, providing a safe place for you to then share yours. This will be a time to be alone with God. A time to grieve all you have lost with women who truly get it. A time to laugh and a time to cry.

Ella and Donna have both trained directly under Dr. Barbara Steffens, co-author of Your Sexually Addicted Spouse, in the Multi-Dimensional Partner Trauma Model.

Join us as we allow our souls to be restored as only the Lord can!


"Ella and Donna are a wonderful team who compliment each other so well. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"My heart is filled with thanks"

"Thank you for the gift of encouragement to all of us. You are a blessing"

"Thank you for this experience and especially for your tender honesty and concern for my well-being. You are a true blessing"

"I loved hearing other women's stories. Also, the validation of the severity of trauma is huge!"

"I appreciated connecting with other women with sexual trauma who understand what I am going through"

"I most enjoyed knowing I'm not alone and receiving tools to take back in decision making and boundaries"

"My favorite part was being able to meet women who have shared experiences and the same feelings. It feels validating and reaffirming"

"Sessions were informative and I received answers to my questions"

"I liked gaining resources to help process my experience and discussing relevant topics to specific personal needs"

"Thank you for pouring out your heart and time to us. When I was lost, finding this retreat gave me hope. Being here has given me peace"



Ella Hutchinson, LPC-S, CSAT, CCSAS, CCPS (APSATS)

Ella Hutchinson, LPC-S, CSAT, CCSAS, CCPS (APSATS)

Donna Meredith Dixon, CLC, CPSAS, APSATS CPC

Donna Meredith Dixon, CLC, CPSAS, APSATS CPC


Early Bird Rate: $1050

Full cost: $1250


  • Three nights lodging (you may share a room with one other women but will never have to share a bed. You may pay extra for your own room)

  • Six meals, plus snacks and beverages

  • All activities, exercises, and group sessions

  • Q and A session with Ella and Jeff Hutchinson

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